Musa & Mo together makes Musamo.

Musa passed away in 2018 at the age of four. Musa was strong, friendly, always had a big smile on his face so we miss that positive energy of his. He inspired Mo to set up this store.

The shapes used in the designs were created during Musa’s transplant which represent DNA. Every shape is different but collectively they are the same, just like the DNA of humans. We are all unique individuals, but we can all come together for humanity.

Humanity is One: is a series that will enable us to raise money for our chosen charity partner and 100% of profits will be donated.

Our chosen charity partner to support Palestine is Muslim Hands.

Muslim Hands has been working in Palestine since 2007, providing medical care, food, education, shelter and livelihoods support to families across Gaza and the West Bank. They are currently providing food and emergency medical care to families in Gaza to help them cope with the devastating crisis which began in the last days of Ramadan 2021.